The City is Asleep and Dreaming

During the fall of 2012, with artist Jason Bernagozzi, I co-curated and launched a series of site-specific happenings and exhibitions in downtown Rochester under the name of The City is Asleep and Dreaming. Our goal was to create a public dialogue about the transitioning identity of the city and provoke a re-imagining of what public space is and could be. Blending public engagement, curatorial practices, relational media, performances, collaborations, and issues of site-specificity, the project addresses the thematic and material concerns of the exhibition space(s), and blurs the line between making and curation. We created poetic prints and web media that functioned as clues to the location and intention behind each temporary installation. The first and largest event in the series was presented at the vacant National Bank in downtown Rochester and included the work of 18 visual, dance and performance artists, each addressing concepts surrounding the act of transformation while operating within a public space that appeared to be frozen in time. More than 400 visitors attended this one-night event. Visit Dérive in Rochester. Video documentation by Jason Bernagozzi.