Les attentes – The Waiting

Work-in-progress. Through this project, I aspire to portray places of unexpected encounters and discoveries where tension and boredom cohabit: waiting rooms. I investigate their potential to unfold in places of both the everyday and the extraordinary. From doctor offices to airports, I am documenting and examining the architecture of various waiting rooms and using these spaces—real and/or restaged—as sets for fictional stories and actions. How do we wait, and what exactly is the experience of waiting like? I want to look at the subtle movements of a person waiting, the anxious state of being in between two moments.

I have started the production of the project in 2016 through three art residencies: a two-month stay at La Cité internationale des Arts in Paris (France), another two-month stay at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo (Japan), and a four-day stay at Lastation in Gagliano de Capo, the headquarter of the art association Ramdom located above the waiting room of the last train station of the line going to the South East region of Italy. I observed and photographed various waiting settings and cultures around the world in an attempt to weave a poetic narrative that illustrates these shared experiences. I also set up fictional waiting rooms and invited people to use them and share with me a waiting story. In 2017, I was awarded a Project Grant to Visual Artists from the Canada Council for the Arts to develop the second stage of the project. Part of this research will be presented in a solo exhibition at CAMAC Art Center in Marnay-sur-Seine in France, From Aug 24 to Nov 12, 2017. An installation was also included in the exhibition LAND FORM at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY in 2106.